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This essentially a practical book. It sets out to describe the range of techniques that can be drawn upon in tackling the diversity of tasks encountered by the landscape architect. Landscape is defined by the authors as the whole outdoor environment: at one extreme they deal with the conservation and management of the coastline and countryside, at the other with pavings, fencing, and the other detailing and planting of open spaces between buildings.
Between these two extremes come the numerous tasks involved in town development and the design of industrial, recreational, and other specialised areas. For the lanscape architect, in his role of co-ordinador and designer, this book will be an essential manual. It will also be found useful by architects, engineers, town planners, surveyors, park superintendents, foresters, ecologists -in fact by all the land- using and land- managing professions.

Ref. 1278
Autor: Weddle, A.E.
Idioma: English
Editorial: Heinemann (London)
22,50x28,50 cm.
226 páginas. Tapas duras con sobrecubiertas protegidas con plástico por anterior propietario. Numerosas ilustraciones b/n.

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