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THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF ARTS 1754-1954 Hudson, Derek & Luckhurst, Kenneth W.

It was E.V. Lucas who first called the Royal Society of Arts "England's Fairy Godmother" -and it was a good description, for the nation owes more than it realises to this essentially English society whose public-spirited and pioneering endeavours in so many different fields, through two hundred years, have affected the lives of every one of its citizens. Perhaps no society has ever had more varied aims, for there is little that cannot be brought within its declared objetive of "the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce", and everything within its range has benefited incalculably from a philanthropy which has always remained independent and unaided by the State.
The Society's adventures make a fascinating story, historically important and often highly entertaining. We follow it from the great early days of Dr. Johnson and Reynolds, when it sponsored our first art and industrial exhibitions; we watch its encouragement of artists and see it originating the _Great Exhibition of 1851 under its president Prince Albert; we learn to appreciate the great  flow of scientific knowledge that has been passed on to the public through the papers published in the Society's Journal; and coming to modern times  we are reminded of Marconi's epoch-making lectures, of the saving of the village of West Wycombe, of the establishment of the distintion of R.D.I., of the early papers on penicillin and the pioneer demostrations of the telephone and the "talkies".

Ref. 3747
Autores: Hudson, Derek & Luckhurst, Kenneth W.
Idioma: English
Editorial: John Murray (London)
15x22 cm.
411 páginas. Tapas duras con sobrecubierta. Ilustrado con láminas b/n y una a color. Firma. Buen estado.

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