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With 2,900 concise, informative entries from Aaron (Moses' elder brother) to Zurvan (a Zoroastrian God of Time), the Wordsworth dictionary of beliefs and religions provides answers to questions on all aspects of the world's major faiths and ideologies, both historical and current. Unrivalled in its scope and detail, the dictionary contains a comprehensive subject index which groups the entries for each religion of belief, is fully cross-referenced, and includes a valuable calendar of festivals. From the days of Palaeolithic cave art to the musings of "New Age" thinkers people have striven to understand the purpose behind life, and this dictionary will guide the labyrinth of human beliefs since the dawn of recorded thought.

Ref. 5235
Autora: Goring, Rosemary
Idioma: English
Editorial: Wordsworth (Hertfordshire)
12,50x20 cm.
587 páginas. Cubiertas en rústica. Buen estado.

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