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This is the first series of books to gather together the full panorama of ukiyo-e-"pictures of the floating world"- from its inception in early genre paintings to the versatile genius of such masters as Hokusai. Each book examines a specific master, style or medium and has sixty-four pages of full-color reproductions, many available outside Japan for the first time. 

Harunobu: As the first ukiyo-e artist to successfully develop the full-color woodblock print, Szuki Harunobu marks an important turning point in the history of the ukiyo-e. 
Previous artists had made color prints, but it was Harunobu and a group of followers who first perfected the polychrome print-a development all subsequent ukiyo-e artists were to utilize.
As the most comprehensive representation in color of Harunobu in a Western language, this book is a selection of some of the artist's most famous prints, together with some lesser known works, many of which are reproduced here for the first time outside Japan. 

Ref. 1233
Autor: Takahashi, Seiichiro
Idioma: English
Editorial: Kodansha international (Japan)
18,50x25,50 cm.
96 páginas. Cubiertas en rústica con sobrecubierta. Numerosas ilustraciones en color. Firma. Buen estado.

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